Course Schedule

Browse our current course offerings below, or click on the section numbers for more information about a particular course. Use column titles to sort by Instructor, Category, Price, or Date. If you are interested in viewing an exhaustive list of BeADisciple courses both currently enrollingĀ and planned for the future, please see our Course Catalog.

Section Title Instructor Category Price (USD) Start Date End Date
IFD189 Adapting Any Resource to Fit Your Small Group Teryl Cartwright Church Life $35.00 08-03-15 08-10-15
IFD291 Biblical Storytelling I Beth Galbreath Lay Servant Ministries $60.00 10-12-15 10-25-15
IFD158 Christian Meditation Practices Beth Perry Church Life $40.00 07-27-15 07-31-15
CLM101 CLM Module 1: Call and Covenant for Ministry Joshua Reichard Certified Lay Ministry $45.00 07-27-15 08-09-15
CLM102 CLM Module 2: The Practice of Ministry Joshua Reichard Certified Lay Ministry $45.00 07-06-15 07-26-15
CLM103 CLM Module 3: Organization for Ministry Joshua Reichard Certified Lay Ministry $45.00 07-27-15 08-09-15
CLM104 CLM Module 4: Connection for Ministry Joshua Reichard Certified Lay Ministry $45.00 07-06-15 07-19-15
IFD295 Come to the Table Beth Galbreath Lay Servant Ministries $55.00 08-24-15 09-08-15
IFD297 Come to the Waters Beth Galbreath Lay Servant Ministries $55.00 09-14-15 09-27-15
IFD207 Congregational Leadership: Church Administration Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 09-09-15 09-15-15
IFD209 Congregational Leadership: Pastoral Care Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 01-20-16 01-26-16
IFD208 Congregational Leadership: Sacraments Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 10-14-15 10-20-15
IFD212 Congregational Leadership: Time Management Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 05-11-16 05-17-16
IFD213 Congregational Leadership: UM History and Doctrine Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 06-15-16 06-21-16
IFD211 Congregational Leadership: Wesleyan Theology Jack Shitama Congregational Leadership $49.00 02-17-16 02-23-16
IFD187 Connecting and Leading Lay Volunteers in Ministry Pamela Deck Church Life $50.00 10-05-15 10-16-15
IFD155 Creating a Digital Ministry Workshop Beth Perry Church Life $50.00 11-16-15 11-21-15
IFD215 Evangelism: How to Love Your Neighbors to Christ Nancy Golden Church Life $40.00 10-05-15 10-23-15
IFD277 Facing Financial Struggle: 28 Days of Prayer Sharon Conley Upper Room $25.00 Self-paced
IFD157 Five Day Intensive Workshop Safe Sanctuary Policy Beth Perry Church Life $50.00 08-03-15 08-07-15
IFD105 How to Become a BeADisciple Online Small Group Facilitator Lisa Buffum Courses $25.00 Self-paced
DBS100 How to Become a DISCIPLE Online Facilitator Lisa Buffum DISCIPLE Bible Study $50.00 Self-paced
IFD100 How to Build and Provide Your Course Online Lisa Buffum Courses $100.00 09-14-15 09-25-15
IFD351 Leading Public Prayer John Zimmerman Lay Servant Ministries $65.00 08-24-15 09-04-15
IFD298 Life Together in the United Methodist Connection Beth Galbreath Lay Servant Ministries $65.00 09-08-15 09-26-15
IFD405 Living Into the Answers: A Workshop on Personal Spiritual Discernment Val Isenhower and Judith todd Upper Room $95.00 08-10-15 08-21-15
IFD280 Living Our United Methodist Beliefs Beth Galbreath Lay Servant Ministries $65.00 08-24-15 09-11-15
IFD411 Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera Val Isenhower Upper Room $95.00 07-13-15 07-24-15
IFD350 Multimedia Technology in Worship for the Church Volunteer 101 John Zimmerman Lay Servant Ministries $60.00 12-07-15 12-18-15
IFD185 Small Group and Sunday School Leadership Pamela Deck Church Life $50.00 09-14-15 09-25-15
IFD296 The 3 Colors of Leadership Beth Galbreath Church Life $55.00 10-05-15 11-07-15
IFD294 The 3 Colors of Your Spirituality Beth Galbreath Church Life $55.00 11-09-15 12-12-15
IFD195 Using Technology in the Church: Social Media Frank Friend Church Life $60.00 08-03-15 08-14-15

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