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Stack of booksThis page is for current instructors who have successfully completed IFD100 – How to Build and Provide Your Course Online.  IFD policies, marketing tips, and a Course Questionnaire form are available below.

IFD Policies


BeADisciple Staff Contacts

BeADisciple is growing, and so is our staff! Refer to this guide to know whom to contact with any question you have:

Email Lisa if you have questions about:
  • The best dates to schedule a course
  • Building your course in Blackboard
Email Miranda if you have questions about:
  • Instructor Payments
  • Inaccuracies with your course on the enrollment form
Email Beth if you have questions about:
  • Current course enrollment numbers
  • Certificates of Completion
Email Britt if you have questions about:
  • Your course page or the course schedule on
  • Promoting your course
  • General website issues
  • Adding positive reviews of your course to your course page


Tips for Marketing Your Course

  • Plan ahead. You should have your course submitted to us at least 5-6 weeks before it starts. This allows us to include a link to your course from our monthly e-newsletter (sent the first Tuesday of every month), work with you on possible blog posts to raise interest in your course, and help ensure that your course is on the course schedule long enough for interested students to see it and enroll.
  • Be aware of timing. Are there holidays scheduled during your course? Big events? Double-check your calendar and consider whether you will need to give students an extra day to complete a particular assignment or whether you’d like to schedule in a break during your course.  We’ve also found that it’s better to start your course after our monthly newsletter goes out on the first Tuesday of the month — i.e. if the first Tuesday is the 3rd of the month, please don’t start your course on Monday the 2nd.
  • Make sure your course name is clear.  The name of your course should be clear enough that someone looking through a list of courses would know what your course is about and what it will teach them.
  • Write a clear course description.  Make sure you describe what topics the course will cover and what participants will learn.  As a general rule, we try to avoid bullet points in descriptions.
  • Share your course within your social networks once the course is ready for enrollments (you will receive an email from someone on IFD staff when your course is ready). Ask your church or conference to share a description and link to your course in their weekly newsletter. Post the link on your social media pages. Tell your friends!
  • Download and print handouts and business cards to help you tell people about your course on BeADisciple in person. Email Miranda to have BeADisciple business cards or course postcards created for you!


Need a refresher on Blackboard?

Lisa Buffum has designed a short refresher course for using Blackboard.  If it’s been a while since you’ve led a course and you feel a little rusty, email Lisa to be added to a free, self-paced Blackboard refresher course.


Course Questionnaire

It’s a good idea to copy the text you enter here into another location before submitting the form, in case the form does not submit correctly.  Please use this form to enter information for only one course session at a time!  


**BLACKOUT DATES: Blackboard annual maintenance June 25 -27 and December 20 – Jan 6.  Please don’t schedule your course to run over these time periods!**

PLEASE NOTE: BeADisciple does not start classes the first week of January

Online Course Submission Form

Your First & Last Name (required)

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Course Title

Is this is a new course?

If this is a new course, and you are United Methodist, which annual conference are you in?

If this is a repeat course, may we use the previous course description?

Course description to be used on (150-300 words, please)

Are students required to have books for the course? Please enter their titles and authors (if unchanged from previous course, you may leave blank)

Do you plan to hold live meeting times during this course? YesNo


Course Start Date:

Course End Date:


Minimum Participants:

Maximum Participants:


Instructor Income (the amount you would like to earn per participant)

IFD base fee (always $15)

Sponsoring Organization fee (if applicable)

Sponsor Name

TOTAL COURSE FEE (please add the three fee boxes above)



Instructor Biography (1-2 paragraphs)

If your current Instructor Biography does not have a photo included, or you would like a new photo to be used, please upload a photo of yourself here (Max 1mb, Accepted formats .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg)


To prove you are human, please retype the following in the text box:


As always, if you have any questions, please email Lisa Buffum at