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From The Branches Blog

When It Comes to Stewardship, What Is Required?

guest post by John Zimmerman

For decades, the giving of a tithe has become the go-to standard to understand faithful stewardship in the church. The practice of tithing is a universally embraced belief in the Church that outlines the expectation of our giving. Most sermons on stewardship and most stewardship campaigns adopt the tithe as the foundational principle and benchmark for how much we should give. This has certainly been true in my local church leadership over the past three decades…until recently.

I found myself wrestling with the widely held and accepted beliefs about tithing, teachings that have been handed down to …



How Keystone Habits Help Me Grow as a Spiritual Leader

guest post by Jack Shitama

Both the spiritual life and leadership are like riding a bike. You’re either moving forward or falling down. Growing in faith and growing in effectiveness are ongoing tasks for the spiritual leader.

John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement was a paragon of habits. The term “Methodist” was a pejorative coined by those who mocked John, his brother Charles, and others in the Holy Club at Oxford as “methodical” in their spiritual practices. Wesley would say, “The soul and the body make a person, the Spirit and discipline make a …