IFD159 – Women Mystics in the Christian Tradition

BYA100 – BeADisciple Youth Academy

IFD164 – Balanced Living in God’s Kingdom

IFD280 – Living Our United Methodist Beliefs

DFT100 – DISCIPLE Fast Track Leader Training

IFD275 – Learning to Pray, Baby Steps


About Us

BeADisciple.com is one of several programs of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College, a United Methodist institution in Winfield, Kansas.

The Institute for Discipleship is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that nurture and enrich Christian …

Our Partners

BeADisciple is pleased to partner with several prominent higher education and ministry organizations in order to bring our community a variety of quality courses. Learn more about our educational partnerships on this page.

BeADisciple Congregational Partners, Lay Servant Ministries…

BeADisciple Academy

A deeper exploration of God, Self, and Call for high school and college students. The BeADisciple Academy is designed to be a global online faith-building fellowship for students that want to go deeper in their faith lives and leadership skills. The Academy uses a wide range of contemporary online resources to provide interactive opportunities for students…

From The Branches Blog

Nine Years of Raising BeADisciple.com

September marks nine years that I have been with BeADisciple.com. Been with? That’s not an adequate term. Worked for? Employed by? Involved with? Parented: that’s the right word. This month marks nine years that I have been parenting BeADisciple.com. Where has the time gone? How has BeADisciple.com grown to this place?

I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. Well, I had a little scrapbooking business, but I was never very serious about it, and I found raising my three kids to be the important work to which God had called me. I was happy to consider myself an at-home mom and, along …



How to Live a Balanced Christian Life

Guest post by Bill Lewis

IFD164-Balanced-Living-in-God's-Kingdom-TEXTHave you ever been around someone who is passionate about God but seems a little, well… off?  Too often we hear of folks going overboard with one aspect of life with God and ending up out in kooksville.  They may be passionate about God and very well intentioned (and following God often calls us to act in ways the world thinks are strange), yet something is lacking in their life to bring them balance.

At the same time, we don’t want to be half-hearted, lukewarm followers of Jesus.  We yearn …



Seven Ways to Deepen Your Discipleship

church window altarTo be a disciple of Jesus is to follow closely in his footsteps. Reading scripture and attending worship are great ways to start the journey of discipleship, but should be done alongside other spiritual practices to become a follower with a deep and strong connection to God.

It can be difficult to know what to try next. If you’re a Christian who would like to deepen your faith study or who doesn’t have a church community in which to participate, the following practices will help you delve into scripture and strengthen …



The Myth of the Youth Minister Personality

Pie-in-FaceWhat color are you? What animal type describes you? What combination of the alphabet are you? If you were a fruit, what would you be and why? Sound familiar? At some time in our lives we’ve heard all these questions in some form or another. We’ve been in job interviews, or on staff retreats or in a school counselor’s office trying to find just the right way to describe our personality. We have been told that there’s a particular description or combination of letters (INJF, ABCD…blah, blah) that will nail our …



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