IFD267 – Taste and See: Experiencing the Stories of Advent and Christmas

IFD417 – Liminal Space and Photography

IFD158 – Christian Meditation Practices (Parts 1 & 2)

IFD235 – At the Well: Meeting Jesus in Prayer

YWTS101 – Youth Ministry 101

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BeADisciple.com is one of several programs of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College, a United Methodist institution in Winfield, Kansas.

The Institute for Discipleship is dedicated to providing educational opportunities that nurture and enrich Christian …

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A deeper exploration of God, Self, and Call for high school and college students. The BeADisciple Academy is designed to be a global online faith-building fellowship for students that want to go deeper in their faith lives and leadership skills. The Academy uses a wide range of contemporary online resources to provide interactive opportunities for students…

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Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry: An Interview with Jeremy Steele

Youth-Ministry2Our blog team had a chance to touch base with veteran youth minister, Jeremy Steele, to talk about his new “field guide” for youth ministry which has a uniquely Wesleyan emphasis.

Jeremy asserts that what you believe is central to determining how you do ministry. From the games we play to the Bible studies we choose, from the outreach events we plan to the missions we support, theology has claims of every area of ministry. Our conversation follows.

In the introduction, you talk about why Wesley matters for youth ministry. So, Why does Wesley …



A Prayer Life Unfolded

SockenzooThe scent of fresh laundry enveloped me as I stood in my bedroom, folding shirts and matching socks. My babies were napping and in the absence of their antics, the mundane act of folding and sorting clothes allowed my attention to shift from the task at hand. Without warning all the stresses in my life were displayed in stark relief against the backdrop of the perfect analogy for life at the time: the never ending clutter and chaos of laundry. The floodgates in my mind opened wide and I was overwhelmed, …



Seeking Silence in Children’s Ministry

child-prayingWe live in a multi-tasking world. At any one time, we might be watching TV, posting on Facebook, and responding to text messages as we engage in sporadic conversations. Once upon a time, waiting in the doctor’s office or somewhere else meant that we had time to read a book or just do some solitary thinking. Now it seems that the sounds of the ubiquitous TV dominate every waiting room.

Silence makes us uncomfortable. Even in worship when we’re having a “time of silence” people often look anxious although the silence rarely …



A Tale of Two Brothers: The Arts & Christian Welfare

Visual-Art-for-blogWhat is Welfare?

I had a friend in seminary who was called to missions. This calling was steadfast and pure – I’ve never met another in whom God paired the perfect combination of commitment and personality for serving the least of these. She challenged me in my own struggles with living simply and serving the poor.

I remember a particularly heated conversation we had one afternoon, however. You see, I am an artist, and God has called me to make art, share art, and disciple believers into creative excellence. We were strolling through the seminary …



Explore the Basics with N.T. Wright

Simply-Christian-BannerThis is the time of the year where we move back into the discipline of school, whether we actually attend classes or teach students or not. The fall is where we typically put away the vacations and trade in the ‘chilling out’ days of summer for routines, studies, and back to the basics of life. That’s what I like about getting back into a daily discipline of personal Bible study and reading.

As I think about getting back to normal life, I am ready to have a season of reflection and contemplation. …