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From The Branches Blog

Biblical hope is not like the world’s hope

guest post by Nancy Golden

We have celebrated Easter and in a few weeks will celebrate our Lord Jesus’ ascension to heaven.  As we await the eventual return of Jesus with excitement and anticipation, we are filled with hope. What a joy it is to be a Christ-follower! As we travel through life as temporary inhabitants of this world, we know where our true citizenship lies.

Biblical hope is much different from how we usually use the word “hope” in our day-to-day conversations. Have you ever said, “I hope to get a raise” or …



“…And When Did the Church Know?”

guest post by Martha E. Banks, Ph.D.

The question of the hour is “When did you know?”

People are asking that question of the employers, coworkers, and superiors of those who have been victimized by sexual harassers. Sadly, many people around the victim were aware of the harassment, but excused or ignored the behavior of the harassers without attending to the needs of the known victims or protecting potential victims. The rest of us are left shaking our heads at the additional damage caused by their silence.

Thanks to the unrelenting news coverage, we are aware …