IFD416 – Advent: A Photography Journey

IFD350 – Multimedia Technology in Worship for the Church Volunteer 101

IFD267 – Taste and See: Experiencing the Stories of Advent and Christmas

IFD351 – Leading Public Prayer

YWTS102 – Youth Ministry 102: Beyond the Basics

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Turkey and the Kingdom Economy

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is the language of heaven, and we had better start to learn it if we are not to be mere dumb aliens there. ~ A. J. Gossip, Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Glasgow



When I first met my husband, we were in seminary, which made for many precarious dating scenarios. I had a list of questions for most guys I went out with that I needed to somehow work in covertly before deciding if we should move forward in the relationship. One of these questions …



Experiencing Advent as Photographic Journey

Fireplace1Holiday Stroll is a big event in Old Town Albuquerque every year on the first Friday of December. Streets and sidewalks are lined with luminarias, the giant Christmas tree is lighted for the first time, carolers sing in the gazebo and small patio areas, hot chocolate is sold in front of restaurants, streets are closed to vehicles and shoppers abound. The kiva fireplace in this picture is decorated and becomes a gathering place for friends and families. Throughout the Christmas season, day and night, groups of people sit around the fireplace …



Taste & See: Practicing Narrative Imagination in Advent

The_Visitation_-_Google_Art_ProjectLast week, we shared a post introducing our new Advent course, Taste & See, and have encouraged you to go deeper this Advent by immersing yourself in the biblical narrative in a first-hand way. If you missed that post, go back and read it here. Then try out your imaginative skills with the meditation below.

Practice Imagination: Experiencing the Blessing of Zechariah and Elizabeth

Now is your chance to try out your imaginative skills using the biblical text. You can take these tactics and apply them to any portion of the Advent …



Taste & See: Experiencing Advent First-Hand

Tanner_AnnunciationYou probably know well the stories that surround the Christmas events. Maybe you love them or maybe you’re a little bored with them, but something makes you want to experience Christ in Christmas in a fuller way. In partnership with BeADisciple, The Upper Room is offering a new course this Advent which will plunge us into Advent “first-hand” while teaching us to engage Scripture in a new way. Even if you cannot take our course, consider these ideas as you begin your own journey toward the Nativity.

The focus of our …



Reclaiming the Lost Soul of Youth Ministry: An Interview with Jeremy Steele

Youth-Ministry2Our blog team had a chance to touch base with veteran youth minister, Jeremy Steele, to talk about his new “field guide” for youth ministry which has a uniquely Wesleyan emphasis.

Jeremy asserts that what you believe is central to determining how you do ministry. From the games we play to the Bible studies we choose, from the outreach events we plan to the missions we support, theology has claims of every area of ministry. Our conversation follows.

In the introduction, you talk about why Wesley matters for youth ministry. So, Why does Wesley …