IFD150 – He Set His Face to Jerusalem: A Lenten Study for Adults

IFD152 – Christian Meditation Practices for Lent

IFD100 – How to Build and Provide Your Course Online

IFD465 – Tactile Prayer: The History, Theology, and Practice of Prayer Bea...

IFD195 – Using Technology in the Church: Social Media

IFD282 – Children of Abraham


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From The Branches Blog

3 Quick Tips for New Committee Chairs

It’s January, and new committee members are starting their roles at churches across the United States.  They’ll look to the committee chair to guide their work.  But — help!!  What if you’re the committee chair?  Here are some quick tips from experienced volunteer organizer Pamela Deck:

1. Get to know your volunteers and build personal relationships with them. They will all bring unique gifts to your committee. (I Cor 12: 18-20)

  • Chat with each person individually and listen to their story
  • Encourage them to take a Spiritual Gifts and Behavior/Learning Style Inventory
  • Connect their gifts and style with the ministry vision and tasks

2. Be a …



Where is God? Or: Is God Where I Am?

Guest post by Ryan Peak

In tough times, the question is often posed: Where is God? In tough times in my life, I also wonder: Is God where I am?

I have often felt that God is not where I am. To say it another way: I am not where I ought to be, so God cannot be where I am. All the assurances of scripture, the assertions of classical and modern theology, the soft voices of friends and mentors who gently remind of God’s presence, of God’s being here where I am, have not …



Mary and Eve: a new way of looking at Advent

Guest post by Molly Just

mary and eve - our lady of the mississippi abbeyLast Christmas, I received this print – it’s one of the most profound pieces of religious art that I have ever seen. This picture was hand drawn by a sister at the Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in 2003. This drawing has been so well received over the last few years that the monastic community from which it comes has begun selling prints of it around Christmas time so that it might bless others. I have …



I Hope I’m Good Enough

guest post by Nancy Golden

Fear and ShameWhile visiting Phil’s parents this past July, on impulse I went into a Tractor Supply store in Clovis, New Mexico to purchase some hoof conditioner for my horse back in Texas.  A lady was stocking a shelf in the equine section and we began to chat. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she had been studying the “end times” and felt like the rapture could happen at any time; she felt that she had messed up a lot and hoped that she was …