IFD210 – The Non-Anxious Leader

IFD163 – Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home

IFD236 – Lord, It’s Boring in My Prayer Closet: How to Revitalize Yo...

IFD353 – Afire With God: Becoming Spirited Stewards

IFD995 – Timothy Circle Mentor Training

IFD343 – The Changing 21st Century Sunday School

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From The Branches Blog

Fairy Tales and Homecoming

guest post by Bill Lewis

Oh, to live in a fairy tale: where our current hardship (whether real or perceived) will be followed by living happily ever after – content, loved, and at peace.

As a child, we think one day we’ll grow to up be and do exactly what our dreams convince us is possible.  But then we scrape our knee or realize our limitations and feel embarrassed for such lofty dreams.  We ‘mature’ into knowing that once we can get out of our parent’s house and off to college we’ll have reached …



Personal endurance training for the ‘caregiving marathon’

guest post by Evelyn Weaver, Ed.D.

The responsibility to be a caregiver comes to most of us as a surprise, like an unwanted task that presents itself in our “to do” box.

This was my situation when my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We had just moved away from family and friends to a new home in the Texas countryside where we planned to spend our retirement years. All of a sudden the future looked bleak and very frightening. As a teacher, I began to research everything I could find about this disease. I …