IFD154 – Christian Meditation Practices for Advent

IFD149 – Christmas: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

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IFD351 – Leading Public Prayer for Lay Leaders


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From The Branches Blog

I Hope I’m Good Enough

guest post by Nancy Golden

Fear and ShameWhile visiting Phil’s parents this past July, on impulse I went into a Tractor Supply store in Clovis, New Mexico to purchase some hoof conditioner for my horse back in Texas.  A lady was stocking a shelf in the equine section and we began to chat. In the course of our conversation, she mentioned that she had been studying the “end times” and felt like the rapture could happen at any time; she felt that she had messed up a lot and hoped that she was …



Visio Divina: Sacred Viewing of the World Around Us

guest post by Val Isenhower

Turquoise Door, by Val IsenhowerI saw this gate when I was in Rancho de Taos, NM, to photograph San Francisco de Asis Church. The gate leads to a home on the plaza beside the church.  The color in the midst of the dormant vines drew my eye.  I looked at the printed image when I picked it up from the lab.  I thought, that’s nice, and then put the print away.  A year or so later when I was looking for another photo, I ran across this one. …



A New (Old) Tool for Prayer

Guest post by Todd Vick

Have you started to fix something and the project just didn’t go as planned?  Maybe that bolt wouldn’t turn, or the nail was having a hard time going in.  During this situation, whatever it was for you, did the thought ever occur that you might just have the wrong tool?  I remember when I first learning how cars worked and taking auto shop in high school this became a very valuable lesson for me.  Oil pan plugs can be very hard to turn loose.  During the first oil change I ever did, I grabbed a standard …



Nine Years of Raising BeADisciple.com

September marks nine years that I have been with BeADisciple.com. Been with? That’s not an adequate term. Worked for? Employed by? Involved with? Parented: that’s the right word. This month marks nine years that I have been parenting BeADisciple.com. Where has the time gone? How has BeADisciple.com grown to this place?

I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. Well, I had a little scrapbooking business, but I was never very serious about it, and I found raising my three kids to be the important work to which God had called me. I was happy to consider myself an at-home mom and, along …