Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy & Certification


There is a broad mainstream of Christian theology out there. But there’s a shortage of high-quality educational materials that make those ideas accessible to adult laypeople.  The Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy fills this gap, bringing the teaching of the world’s best theologians right to you.

The Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy — created in partnership with Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. — has created courses and educational materials that are theologically rich and deep. The program is based on one core idea: that churches thrive when they are connected to a strong seminary, and seminaries are strong when they are affiliated with vital congregations. Its vision is to be a leading resource for the education of the whole church in the whole world. BeADisciple is pleased to be partnering with the Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy to bring the great courses they provide into an online setting.  Read more about the work of Wesley Theological Seminary on their website.


Earn a Lay Certification, or take courses a la carte

Laypeople can use these courses to earn a Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Certification.  Students must complete 2 required courses and 4 elective courses to earn the certification.  There is no “starting course” — you may begin your work with any of the offered courses.

Alternatively, anyone — lay or clergy — can enroll in any of the courses available from the Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy.  BeADisciple regularly offers these courses using one of our own instructors (click the links below to enroll).  Churches can also host many of the Wesley Theological Seminary Lay Academy courses using their own course facilitators through BeADisciple’s Congregational Partners program.



Courses required for certification:

Methodist Identity: Our Story – offered every January and August

Methodist Identity: Our Beliefs – offered every March and October



Additional elective courses (4 required for certification):

Devotion to Jesus: The Divinity of Christ in Earliest Christianity – offered every October, starting in 2018

In God’s Time: The Bible and the Future – offered every January, starting in 2019

Journey Through the Psalms – offered every March, starting in 2019

A Life Worthy of the Gospel – offered every August

Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith – offered every May

Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth – offered every August, starting in 2018

Serious Answers to Hard Questions  – offered every February

Simply Christian – offered every September

Women Speak of God – offered every January