WMN210 – Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith

WMN210 – Passionately Christian, Compassionately Interfaith

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Religions are intimately connected in our ever-shrinking world. We need to be both deeply formed by Christian sources and broadly informed by interreligious resources to engage this world with confidence and graciousness. This course invites you to cultivate a missional presence in the world that is passionately Christian as well as compassionately interreligious. It accompanies you through various religious beliefs, practices, and communities to learn about unexpected divine wisdom in unexpected places.

This course will expand students’ religious knowledge through a respectful study of core beliefs and practices of the major world religions, challenge and enhance our spiritual practice by learning from God’s witnesses in different places, and provoke theological wisdom that can rejoice in the particularity of Christ while respectfully celebrating the universality of God.

Students will need to have a copy of Stephen Prothero’s book, God is not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World – and why their Differences Matter.

Lessons Include:

  • Our Christian Gospel and God’s Interreligious World
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Sikhism
  • Judaism
  • Atheism
  • Theological mediation on passion for Christ & compassion for all God’s family
  • Christian mission in a world that is compassionately interreligious

2.0 CEUs are available.

Price: $50

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Michael Beardslee

Michael was born and raised near the muddy banks of the Arkansas River in Kansas. Currently working on a PhD (Intercultural Studies) from Fuller Seminary, he has completed prior work in theology at Friends University (B.A.), Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (M.A.), and Trinity International University (Th.M). His current research concerns Christian identity as it regards Christianity’s new, global pluralism. Michael splits his time between study, many hobbies, and spending time with his wife, Sarah, and two girls. Additionally, he serves as an Affiliate Professor with Southwestern College Professional Studies, and leads many of the Wesley Lay Academy classes on BeADisciple.