Teryl Cartwright

Teryl Cartwright (139x140)

Teryl Cartwright is a teacher and writer who believes that with God’s help you can “teach with anything and learn from anyone.” She has a Master’s degree in Critical and Creative Thinking from UMass Boston and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (Elementary) from Clarion University. For ten years she worked as a freelance curriculum writer for Group Publishing, co-authoring over forty books. She then worked for several years as director of adult ministries in a thousand-member church before becoming the Executive Secretary at The United Methodist Stewardship Foundation.

She has taught various online courses including “Conference Call,” a ten day, personalized “design as you go” curriculum which is offered by the Susquehanna Conference E& I Committee for those attending a “God’s Calling” workshop on discernment. For her, transformative learning is not just making people think, but helping others and yourself to keep on thinking.

Teryl attends Spry Church in York, PA and has been working on an outreach of the “write ministry” for Christians who feel called to share God’s love through writing for various platforms. Her teaching is based on discussion and activity-based learning. She feels blessed to have piloted several unique Bible studies within the local church on bioethics, humor, creativity, and service learning. She loves to learn and wants to be a student teacher for life!