Youth Ministry Institute



We care about your kids!


ymiThey deserve dynamic faith-forming experiences in your church.  The Youth Ministry Institute envisions healthy, vibrant and dynamic local churches with skilled and effective youth ministers who lead youth in the formation of their faith so that they will positively impact their community and world.  We do that through a combination of great coaching, goal setting with the local church and practical instruction.  Church employees and volunteers working with youth (grades 6-12) will benefit from our courses.


In partnership with the Institute for Discipleship, the Youth Ministry Institute is able to provide course selections in a two-week or semester-long online format.  Below is our list of courses (offered live in a classroom setting in Kansas City and Orlando).  As they become available online, they will link to a more in depth description of the course, times offered and an instructor biography.




Length of Time

Each two-week course will take between 30-45 minutes each day and will be asynchronous.  Students will be able to work at their own pace with a live session worked in at a convenient time for everyone in the class.  The semester courses will be more involved with several live sessions throughout the session.  Texts will be assigned and will be the responsibility of the student.  For the most part, the class will be self-paced with some assessment deadlines along the way.


Two Week Courses (100-300 level courses):   $75/class

Semester Courses (400 level courses):   $600/class



Monthly Instruction and Theological Intensives

Orientation Retreat Workshops for New Students

  • 001 YMI Orientation Workshop

100 Series: Leadership Foundations (two week courses)

  • 101 Leadership: Becoming Self-Aware, Authentic, and Intentional
  • 105 Organizing for Success
  • 110 Personality Preferences
  • 120 Recognizing Your Call to Leadership
  • 130 Leadership of Organizations
  • 140 Conflict Resolution and Effective Communication
  • 150 Self-Care and Spiritual Disciplines
  • 160 Leadership and Self-Management
  • 170 Leadership and Self-Awareness
  • 180 Ethics in Youth Ministry

200 Series: Faith and Formation in Developing Youth (two week courses)

  • 201 Teaching: Developing a Vision for Learning
  • 210 Adolescent Developmental Theories
  • 215 Application of Developmental Theories
  • 220 Student Leadership
  • 230 Family Systems
  • 235 Youth in Crisis
  • 240 Learning Styles
  • 245 Classroom Management
  • 250 Moral and Spiritual Developmental Theories
  • 255 Practice of Moral Development in Ministry
  • 260 Youth Cultural Anthropology
  • 265 Youth Culture Application
  • 270 Counseling Foundations
  • 280 Engaging Scripture and Teaching the Bible
  • 290 Youth with Disabilities and Special Needs

300 Series: Program Design and Development in the Local Church (two week courses)

  • 301 Program Design: Building a Ministry Vision and Structure
  • 305 Recruiting and Equipping Volunteers
  • 306 Stewardship: Budgeting and Fundraising
  • 310 Theology in Youth Ministry
  • 320 Missions
  • 330 Social Media and Electronic Communication
  • 340 Delivering an Effective Message
  • 345 Storytelling Analysis and Critique
  • 350 Evangelism
  • 360 Worship in Youth Ministry
  • 370 Parent and Family Ministry
  • 380 Discipleship
  • 390 Recreation and Retreats

400 Series: Core Theology (semester courses)