IFD417 – Liminal Space and Photography

IFD417 – Liminal Space and Photography

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Are you facing a time of transition or waiting in your life? Do you want to approach this time in a different way? If so, this class is for you. Liminal space is the place “in-between” where you are and where you will be. Liminal space is neither in nor out— it’s the threshold of time while you are waiting. Liminal space is the transition between the known and comfortable to the new stage of life, open to change and possibility. Our world is full of visuals that represent liminal space — doors, ladders, windows, etc. Photography offers a visual tool to explore liminality and prepare for the next step. Participants will use the act of photography and the images themselves to examine the possibilities in the liminal spaces in their lives.

The course is taught by Val Isenhower, author of Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera (Upper Room, 2012). Particiants will need a copy of the ebook. It may be purchased from Val (, Upper Room Books or Amazon. The digital book is available in many formats for computers, iPads, Kindle , Nook, or smart phones.

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Valerie K. Isenhower

Val is the owner of V. Isenhower Photography, and she specializes in meditative photography. Val offers workshops on “Spirituality and Photography” across the country. She is the author of a book on spirituality and photography — Meditation on Both Sides of the Camera (Upper Room, 2012) and has written articles on the subject. Val’s images are currently displayed in her gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque. She is the featured photographer in the Journeying Through the Days: 2013 (Upper Room, 2012). Her work has also been displayed in other galleries; published in 3 issues of Alive Now magazine and the Baylor University Journal for Family and Community Ministries and is on the cover of four books. She won Best in Category at the Red River Fine Art and Wine Festival, 2005 and an honorable mention in the the First Annual Hot Air Balloon Photo Context and Exhibit.

Val has co-authored two books on spiritual discernment with Judith A. Todd — Living into the Answers: A Workbook for Personal Spiritual Discernment (Upper Room 2008) and Listen for God’s Leading: A Workbook for Corporate Spiritual Discenment (Upper Room, 2009). She is one of the founders of Water in the Desert Ministries. Val has led spiritual formation retreats and taught classes in spiritual formation across the country. She specializes in facilitating discernment processes for groups and using photography / visual arts in spirituality. Val earned an M.Div. from Central Baptist Theological Seminary, is an ordained American Baptist Minister and lives in Albuquerque, NM.