IFD471 – God’s Purpose for the Family

IFD471 – God’s Purpose for the Family

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We often think of the family as father, mother and children, but this is only one form of family. Life hasn’t dealt us all a typical nuclear family, and even the Bible shows us that there are many different kinds of family! This course will focus on the purpose of the family, rather than who is in the family or who forms the family.

This course celebrates the healthy family as God’s vehicle to connect each of us to others. We will study the family as a link to the past, present and future, as well as the many forms of families. We’ll also discuss teaching a sense of right and wrong, traditions, education as the key to a better life, and the family as a unit of support.

In addition, we’ll identify the signs of a dysfunctional family and give suggestions of healthy ways to handle problems that may arise in the family. It will not deal specifically with what may be wrong or unhealthy in your family (that’s something for family counseling), but will look at characteristics of healthy families and passages of scripture that can inform that understanding.

In short, this course explores what the family unit should be and do for the individuals coming out of it. Healthy children can come out of any of the different forms of family, depending on their relationships with God.

This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

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Shirley Connally

Shirley Connally is a retired teacher/counselor/ minister with a B.A. (English/French) from Texas Southern University, an M.Ed. (Counseling & Guidance) from Texas Southern University, M.Div. (Theology) from Houston Graduate School of Theology, and additional studies on a Doctor of Ministry degree.  She retired from public education with 36 years combined experience as an English teacher and secondary school counselor in the Houston Independent School District and Los Angeles Unified School District.  Shirley also taught freshman English on the collegiate level for several years.  Additionally, she served as an adjunct professor at the Charles Harrison Mason Bible College and operated a private practice counseling service (LPC) for several years.

Shirley was ordained after completing seminary while serving in ministry with three Baptist pastors and went on to serve as associate and senior pastor in the United Methodist Church.  Even though most of her training and service has been in the United Methodist Church, her childhood years were equally divided between three denominations (Methodist, Baptist and Catholic).

She is the mother of one daughter in business and one granddaughter in her third year as a marketing/fashion design major in college.  She loves teaching Disciple Bible Studies at her church and serving wherever needed, tutoring school age children, helping individuals and families, reading and watching her #1 sports teams (Texans, Rockets and Astros).