IFD400 – Leading a Life With God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership

IFD400 – Leading a Life With God: The Practice of Spiritual Leadership

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This 3 week online workshop is designed to develop a transforming community for spiritual growth and discovery specifically in the area of spiritual leadership.  Based on the book Leading a Life with God – The Practice of Spiritual Leadership (LLWG), along with the group guide to LLWG, participants will learn the history and benefits of three ancient Chrisitan prayer practices and their relation to spiritual leadership.  Each week a contemplative prayer practice will be introduced, practiced, and discussed.

Over the 3 week course participants will:

  1. become familiar with 3 contemplative prayer practices
  2. learn how these practices relate to topics and issues in spiritual leadership
  3. understand how one begins to notice God’s movement
  4. gain insight in integrating the practices into one’s life and ministry setting
  5. be equipped in leading others through the LLWG book and group guide

Participants will need to purchase the book Leading a Life With God, The Practice of Spiritual Leadership by Daniel Wolpert (available in print, e-book, and Kindle editions) and the PDF download Leading a Life with God Group Guide by Glenn Mason ($8).  Both the book and download can be purchased through the Upper Room Bookstore.

Price: $95

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Daniel Wolpert

Daniel worked as a research scientist, psychologist and spiritual director, a farmer, a teacher, and a construction worker before earning his Masters of Divinity degree at San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS). Over the past twenty five years he has taught in the fields of psychology and spiritual formation and led retreats in such settings as the Art of Spiritual Direction Program at SFTS, the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project, national ministry conferences, UCLA, UND medical school, Luther Seminary, and numerous churches. Daniel currently serves as the church pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Crookston, MN and is a co-founder of the Minnesota Institute for Contemplation and Healing (MICAH, He is also the author of “Leading a Life with God, the practice of spiritual leadership (Upper Room 2006), “Creating a Life with God: the call of ancient prayer practices” (Upper Room 2003), and co-author of “Meeting God in Virtual Reality: using spiritual practices with media” (Abingdon 2004). Dan is currently doing Doctoral work in Science and Theology. He is married to Dr. Debra Bell and they have two sons, Sam and Max.

Trey Everett

Trey has bee involved in study and practice of spiritual formation for over 20 years. He has instructed others in spiritual formation and leadership as a college instructor, pastor, youth minister, and retreat leader. Trey and his wife Corene were part of an eccumenical mission community in China for four years where they taught, served, and experienced the life of faith. Currently Trey serves as co-director of MICAH, Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing, were he assists in developing and leading retreats and events on the spiritual life, leadership, and health and healing. As an artist Trey uses a blend of pen and ink drawing, humor, and candid spiritual observations to creatively challenge others to deeper spiritual development and insight. He is the author of Holy Doodles, Cartoons to Contemplate Volumes 1 and 2 and holds art exhibits to encourage dialogue about the spiritual life. Trey and Corene and their three children Madeline, Zoe, and Jack live in Crookston, MN.