IFD346 – Constructing the Bridge: Loss and the Mourning After

IFD346 – Constructing the Bridge: Loss and the Mourning After

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Are you grieving the death of someone who was an important part of your life? Perhaps your spouse, child, parent, or close family member? Could it be a good friend, co-worker or neighbor?

The loss that death brings is painful beyond words. No one can anticipate the emotional and spiritual agony that accompanies it. Life can lose meaning. You may find your sense of self-worth diminished. The sadness and loneliness you feel may seem to consume all your energy.  And as if the regular flow of grief wasn’t difficult enough, holidays and special dates can cause us acute pain that make the grief fresh all over again.

Grieving is first and foremost something you do to heal your wounds after experiencing a terrible loss in your life. It doesn’t have to be passive and just something that ‘happens to you’. You can take charge of your journey through grief just as others have done. One of the great discoveries you will make is that your very best friend in times of grief and loss is yourself! You are the one person who can turn the pain of your loss into a creative hurt.

Be assured: you can have a satisfying and meaningful life after loss. Even with the worst of losses, you will begin to heal.

If you are dealing with a loss that isn’t related to a death (divorce, loss of a job, etc.), you might be interested in Crossing the Bridge: Life After Loss, which specifically deals with these kinds of losses.

This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

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Past participants in this course have said…

“This class was awesome. Annette did a wonderful job covering the subject and gave amazing feedback. One of the best classes I have taken!!”

“I so much appreciated having this class available to me as it was very timely and relevant to my current situation.  The instructor made herself available for any additional needs that I might have experienced throughout the course time frame, and beyond.  The course structure was very much appreciated, with clear and understandable material, challenging questions and assignments, and lots of instructor feedback.  I would recommend this class to anyone who needs a better understanding of their grief and how to manage it. Two thumbs up!!”

“I took the class because of my own grief, but hoped it would help me with others in my church.  I know it will….the instructor was super.  Thank you.”

“Great class and instructor! I’m looking forward to more classes with her.”


Annette Arnold-Pflaum

Annette Arnold-Pflaum is a senior chaplain and a State of Nevada Licensed Minister since 2014. She is a retired nurse and a Certified Lay Ministry in the United Methodist Church. She is the founder and president of Wisteria Ministries and has specialized in grief support since the beginning of 2015.

Annette holds two associate degrees, one in education the other para-medicine, as well as a bachelor’s in psychology/family studies. She is a graduate of the Chaplaincy Nevada Theology Academy and in the process of obtaining credentialing from the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains as a board certified chaplain.

She is also honored to be a part of the Nevada State Chaplains Task Force Crisis Response Team, which assists first responders, state officials, government entities and agencies, and Nevada citizens in times of disasters or other crises.

She has been a student herself with BeADisciple and understands first-hand the benefits of online education.