IFD345 – Bridges Not Walls: Communicating With Those Who Are Grieving – Bridges Not Walls: Communicating With Those Who Are Grieving

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When someone around us is experiencing hurt or grief, we want to do what we can to alleviate their pain. Instead, we often unintentionally say words that add to their pain.  We owe it to ourselves and those hurting to be equipped to meet their pain in the comforting manner we intend.

In this course, we’ll study phrases and actions that actually do make a positive difference to those who are suffering and examine why some of our usual phrases aren’t as useful as we previously thought. There’s more than enough pain in the world; make a positive difference to the brokenhearted around you by learning the difference between helpful and hurtful caring language.

This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

Price: $45

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Past participants in this course have said…

“The course material was very complete and easy to understand.  It was thought provoking and relevant.  The “homework” allowed us to put the principles we learned into practice.  I highly recommend this course and instructor.”

“The information for each session was readable and helpful.”

“The instructor spent lots of time reviewing and commenting on assignments, and provided very helpful feedback.”


Annette Arnold-Pflaum

Annette Arnold-Pflaum is a senior chaplain and a State of Nevada Licensed Minister since 2014. She is a retired nurse and a Certified Lay Ministry in the United Methodist Church. She is the founder and president of Wisteria Ministries and has specialized in grief support since the beginning of 2015.

Annette holds two associate degrees, one in education the other para-medicine, as well as a bachelor’s in psychology/family studies. She is a graduate of the Chaplaincy Nevada Theology Academy and in the process of obtaining credentialing from the Association of Certified Christian Chaplains as a board certified chaplain.

She is also honored to be a part of the Nevada State Chaplains Task Force Crisis Response Team, which assists first responders, state officials, government entities and agencies, and Nevada citizens in times of disasters or other crises.

She has been a student herself with BeADisciple and understands first-hand the benefits of online education.