IFD341 – Spiritual Journaling

IFD341 – Spiritual Journaling

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Join us this Lent for a six week course in which participants will explore the practice of spiritual journaling as they share their experiences with others involved in the practice. The course is based on the Upper Room book Journaling: A Spiritual Journey by Anne Broyles who is featured in an introductory video to the course.

Each week we will practice one of the methods of journaling from the book. These include: journaling from the events of daily life, journaling in response to scripture, journaling with guided meditations, journaling from dreams, journaling in response to reading, and journaling conversations or dialogues. The spiritual practice of journaling helps us record our journey with God, be more aware of God’s presence in our lives, and grow spiritually.

The course fee of $75 includes a copy of the book signed by the author which will be mailed to participants. Please enroll early so that you will have enough time to receive your book prior to the course start date.

This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

Price: $75

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Past participants in this course have said…

“I greatly enjoyed this workshop.  The instructor was so personable — right from the very start — and always accessible.  The course materials were very well-organized and manageable.  I appreciated that the instructor participated along with us.  I learned about and implemented various methods of spiritual journaling that have enhanced my practice and Christian walk.  Five stars!!”

“This course offered several formats or forms for inspiration of journaling, and helped me realize that my wandering efforts were indeed, spiritual journaling. I really appreciate the Blackboard format of work in that you can see your comments and responses tied, not have to scroll through pages of comments to find ones that are related to you. Also easier to see other participants comments and respond to the appropriate comment.”

“As a future pastor this course has encouraged me to rethink journaling.  The methods that were used opened my mind to tapping into different ways I can use journaling as a new tool.”

“I very much enjoyed this course. I was a bit hesitant, as I have never taken an online course before, but this turned out very well. The book is a great guide. It’s perfect to have the assignments directly aligned to the book. That made it very logical and easy to follow along. Debbie Kolacki has been wonderful. Her communication through emails and on the discussion boards has been great. She made the online experience very warm and personal. I will take another course in the future! Thank you!”

“I appreciate the opportunity to return to a spiritual discipline that I had pushed aside.  This workshop has shown me how I might resume the routine I had in place when I previously journaled.  Guess I just needed to have my eyes reopened.  Thanks!”

“Thank you Debbie. You rekindled my love of writing. You provided great feedback and I enjoyed the book also.”


Debbie Kolacki

Debbie Kolacki

Debbie Kolacki is a Certified Christian Educator and Certified Lay Servant in the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. She has a BA in English from Wagner College and completed the courses for her certification as a Christian educator through Columbia College in South Carolina. She has taught children, youth, and adults and served in many areas in her local church for over twenty years.

Debbie is the senior consultant for Practical Resources for Churches where she works with people in all areas of ministry and leads webinars, workshops, and retreats. Her blogs include Faith Geeks and Practical Resources for Churches.  She loves doing research of all kinds for church folks. When Debbie is not working for the resource center or doing church things, she enjoys being at home with her family, writing, reading, and doing faith geek things.