IFD197 – Using Technology in the Church: Worship Service

IFD197 – Using Technology in the Church: Worship Service

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Have you ever been to a church that has words to songs up on a screen for all to see? Have you seen other uses of technology before, during, and after a church service? Wanted to implement them in your church? Then let’s get started!

In this course you will learn how incorporate technology into all aspects of your church service: worship, administrative, evangelism, and more. You’ll learn about projecting words to hymns and other enhancements to worship service, how to record services and then use them later to post on Youtube or create DVDs for shut ins, learn about resources that will help you in creating your worship service, get a basic guide on various Microsoft Office products, and more. This course will also ask the students to create a service as a project to be turned in at the end. Come learn how you can enhance your service to your church!

This course is eligible for 1.0 CEU.

Price: $60

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Frank Friend

Frank Friend lives in South Jersey and has a beautiful wife and great family.  He is a volunteer firefighter and EMT and teaches at two local colleges in the fire, EMS, HazMat, and computer disciplines. Frank has been an official member of his church for five years but has been attending longer.  He started out as a Baptist, but changed churches and found a great church family in the Methodist Church.  Frank is working toward his lay speaker certification and enjoys teaching a small group in his church based on “Chuck Knows Church.”  He manages his church and district Facebook pages, his church website, and weekly worship service powerpoint. He also videorecords services and posts them on YouTube.

Frank believes that technology can reach many people and spread God’s word and love all over the world.  He wants to help you do the same in your church.