IFD157 – Five Day Intensive Workshop Safe Sanctuary Policy

IFD157 – Five Day Intensive Workshop Safe Sanctuary Policy

Course Dates: September 10-14, 2018

Prepare for your children and youth programs with this five-day online workshop for congregations that don’t have a Safe Sanctuary policy or whose policy is outdated, needs revision, doesn’t meet the needs of current ministries, etc. Participants will learn why congregations should have an up-to-date policy, what the policy includes generally and specifically, and how to get a policy written, approved, and implemented – or edited.

Because this is an INTENSIVE workshop, participants will need to be involved on the site every day to receive a completion certificate. Plan on reading two documents, posting a response to one question, and posting responses to at least two other participants every day – a minimum of an hour a day.

You are required to read Safe Sanctuaries: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth, by Joy Thornburg Melton, as a part of this course.  Please make sure you have access to a copy of this book throughout the duration of the course.

Following this workshop, you may decide to schedule six additional weeks of support while you get your policy written or edited. The additional time would consist of once-a-week, one-hour conference calls or chat room conversations, for an additional $150.

This course is eligible for 0.5 CEU.

Price: $50.00


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Past participants in this course have said…

“Beth did an excellent job keeping up with all of us coming in with very different backgrounds and at different points in the process.  I really liked that she split those that were editing/updating from those starting from scratch. The materials she shared were extremely helpful and after I get a chance to really digest them all, I will have an even better understanding of the topic!”

“I do feel after this workshop that I have a clearer vision and strategies on how to move forward with the process of writing the policy and implementing the policy.  I love having perspectives from participants who already have a SS policy in place and understanding their challenges and benefits of the policy.”

“Safe Sanctuaries is a vital part of any churches response to its community of believers and to the greater community at large.  This course will not only give you and your church the tools needed to write an effective policy, but also the tools to implement that policy and to help Safe Sanctuaries become an integrated part of life in your church.”

“Before we started, I was concerned about having time to work on the course every day.  As it progressed, I saw that it was a well developed way to fit a lot of information into a relatively small amount of time.  It was great to learn so much, so quickly!  Thanks!”

“It was good to have the experience of “chatting” with others to get different perspectives and ideas for writing a complete and relevant Safe Sanctuaries Policy.”


Beth Perry


Beth was ordained in the United Methodist Church but now has Privilege of Call in the United Church of Christ. She graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1994 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Elizabethtown College. In addition to 20 years of pastoral and chaplaincy experience, she teaches religion, philosophy, critical thinking, sociology, and general education courses for the University of Phoenix in New Jersey. She has been active in Safe Sanctuary/Safe church training for a decade or more, and a consultant for more than 150 congregations working to reduce the risk of abuse in the church. She also leads workshops and retreats on Spiritual Gifts, meditation, and mysticism. Her courses, Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts, Leading Bible Study: Biblical Interpretation, and Teach Adults are approved as advanced courses in Lay Servant Ministries and Rediscovering Our Spiritual Gifts meets one requirement towards lay speaker status.