DISCIPLE Bible Study


Times change. We didn’t have a printed Bible until Martin Luther and Gutenberg gave us print in the 16th century. Now we are a busy, mobile society using email and computers. But that hasn’t changed our need for connection to God.

We still desperately need knowledge of God through Scripture – and Christian fellowship through communication.

So for those who are unable to meet face-to-face weekly for 2 – 2.5 hours, we have designed an online Wesley class meeting – limited to about 12 persons, with freedom to ponder the questions and discuss the spiritual meanings.

Each week I will help you explore some of the deep spiritual issues that Julia and I thought and prayed about when we wrote the Disciple Manual. I’ll lead you through the whole Bible week by week. I’ll help you focus on key questions for you to discuss with others in your group. Hopefully, together we’ll become even more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

-Bishop Richard Wilke, Author of DISCIPLE Bible Study


Celebrating 30 years of DISCIPLE!

DISCIPLE AnniversaryThe Richard & Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship celebrating the 30th anniversary of DISCIPLE Bible Study throughout 2016 and 2017.  You can learn more about the celebrations, interact with stories, photos and memories of DISCIPLE on Facebook, or connect with us on Twitter and at #DISCIPLE30.



DISCIPLE Leader Training

Gain confidence so your DISCIPLE class can be its best! If you’re feeling unsure of your ability to effectively lead a DISCIPLE small group, we can help.  BeADisciple offers a self-paced course for first-time leaders of DISCIPLE Bible Study and mimics the required training that used to be taught through the Publishing House.  Learn more about leading DISCIPLE with confidence and ease!


Bible Study for Busy Lives: DISCIPLE Online and Disciple Fast Track

Do you have people in your congregation who are missing out on the transforming power of DISCIPLE because of their schedules? Do you have some whose travel keeps them from committing to a weekly class meeting? Do you have some who might like to take DISCIPLE with others who have a similar life experience?

The Institute for Discipleship is excited to offer several new ways to participate in the beloved DISCIPLE Bible Study.



DISCIPLE Online is the same beloved DISCIPLE study, presented in an online format.  Group leaders can create an online session for their own DISCIPLE group. That facilitator will oversee their small group and facilitate participation in group discussions as well as the once-weekly live meeting time. The facilitator remains “a learner among learners,” as in the original DISCIPLE study.  Email Lisa to learn more about becoming a DISCIPLE Online facilitator.

How it works: 

Participants do their daily reading and reflection on their own with their manual. Weekly group work will include responding to questions on a group-interactive discussion board, as well as adding and responding to prayer requests from group members. Each week, participants will also view a short review video from Bishop Richard Wilke, the author of DISCIPLE, which will lead into key questions for weekly discussion.

Every seven days the DISCIPLE Online small group facilitator will conduct a live session online that lasts approximately one to one and a half hours.  That live session walks the group through more discussion, exercises, and time for prayer together. This weekly meeting time is determined by the group facilitator, and may be recorded so that participants who miss a live session may view it later.

DISCIPLE Online may be offered to groups of up to 12 people. Members of a single church may choose to form a group, or a group may be formed from individuals around the world, as long as the set live meeting time works for them.

DISCIPLE Online uses the red DISCIPLE I (Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study) participant manual and teachers helps but not the UM Publishing House DVDs/videos which normally accompany the study.

BeADisciple sometimes offers its own session of DISCIPLE Online for people who can’t find an online group.  Learn more about the class, or subscribe to be notified when a new session of DISCIPLE Online is open for enrollment.


Disciple Fast Track

DISCIPLE Bible Study has reached nearly 3 million people worldwide since its introduction in 1987.  Disciple Fast Track takes participants through a complete introduction to the Bible in 24 weeks instead of the traditional 34 weeks. The class meeting length has also been adjusted. Fast Track is not a replacement for the original; it is simply another option for those seeking a Bible study to fit busy lifestyles.

The course uses the same red DISCIPLE Study Manual, and includes new print and video materials to give participants the tools to absorb and retain what they learn in this shortened format.

Learn more at