Congregational Partners

Have you ever wished it wasn’t so hard to find a common time and place for small groups to meet? Or wished there was a way to overcome the obstacles that distance can create for your members? In online learning groups, there’s no need for everyone to be meet at the same place – or even at the same time!

Using, creating and hosting your own online courses is easy. There’s no need to invest in expensive online learning programs and websites to create online trainings and classes. You can use BeADisciple’s online learning platform and enrollment system to offer any of BeADisciple’s pre-built courses and studies at any time, or create custom courses and trainings built to meet the needs of your church members.

Using online classes, your church can better serve and include in small groups:

  • Frequent travelers
  • Homebound members
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • College students, those living internationally, or seasonal residents
  • People who work non-standard or frequently changing shifts
  • People who watch your service online, on TV, or listen on the radio
  • People from churches in your area – or anywhere!


Use one of our courses, or create your own!

Online education has become a respected part of higher education and business training — and with today’s technology there are very few limits to the kinds of courses that can be offered online.  Your church can take advantage of this technology to create a membership course or studies that accompany a sermon series or any other church-wide discussion.

BeADisciple also has several pre-built courses for churches to use.  Looking for a Sunday school study?  We offer all of the following:

  • All of the DISCIPLE Bible studies
  • Book studies on a wide-range of topics from Wesley Seminary
  • Advent and Lenten studies
  • And more!  See our Facilitator Courses for a complete list.

Blackboard, BeADisciple’s online learning platform, makes it easy for anyone with a reasonable internet connection to learn online.  Blackboard supports embedded videos, PDFs and Word documents, discussion boards, and live video sessions (participants can “raise their hand” to ask a question and get immediate feedback from the instructor).  It even supports user uploads of photos, documents, and other files so class participants can share their ideas and past work with others in the class.

Whether you’d like to offer one of our existing classes or build one of your own, BeADisciple can help your church minister to more people more effectively.


How do we start?

  1. Identify a person in the church to be your congregation’s BeADisciple administrative contact. This person will oversee enrollments, course scheduling, payments, course promotion, and will receive updates on new course offerings.
  2. Fill out and submit the Congregational Partner Sign-Up Form below
  3. Decide whether you want to offer pre-built studies or build your own courses, and decide how many people you want to be trained to build and/or lead courses.
    • Those building courses must complete a $100 two-week instructor training course, offered several times a year on As an added bonus, course-building instructors may also complete the self-paced trainings to become DISCIPLE or small-group facilitators below for free.
    • Those who intend only to teach a course that has already been built – either by BeADisciple or your church — must complete a $25 self-paced facilitator training course, offered year-round.
    • Those facilitating DISCIPLE Bible studies must complete a separate $50 self-paced training for DISCIPLE Online.
  4. Recruit instructors or small group facilitators. The best people for this job are those who desire to grow in their faith and help others do so as well, like making new friends and leading group discussions, and appreciate the accessibility, convenience, and depth of online learning and discussion. Those building courses should have a basic understanding of curriculum design concepts.


How much does this cost?

There’s no charge associated with being a congregational partner apart from the instructor and facilitator training fees. Participant fees work differently depending on what kind of course your church is offering.

  • For courses developed by a church’s own instructor: The fee for each participant is set by the church. The Institute requires $15 per participant as a base fee for its technical and user support services (including software use, storage of course content, financial administration, and technical support of the classes and students), but this rate can be flexible for large groups; give us a call. Churches may set their own compensation fee on top of the $15/participant fee, but this isn’t required.
  • For courses already existing at BeADisciple but overseen by a church’s own course facilitator: There is one group fee to host the course for up to 15 individuals – this covers the support services mentioned above as well as royalty fees to the original course publishers. Your church may choose whether to collect money from participants and pay BeADisciple in full or have students pay individually through BeADisciple’s enrollment website and pay the difference via invoice. Your church may also open the course up to people outside of your church family, with different course fees for members/friends and other participants, if desired.  There are lots of ways to handle payment; give us a call to talk over the options.

After your course is ready, promote your online courses and workshops in the newsletter, the bulletin, and in worship! If your course is open to participants outside your church, we’ll also advertise your course through our website, social media, and mailing list of nearly 10,000 students. We recommend adding a link to on your church website to make it easy for your members to find your online courses.

Please contact Lisa Buffum at or 620-229-6246 for more information on becoming a Congregational Partner.


Further Resources:

  • Complete list of pre-built courses: Facilitator Courses page
  • Printable Congregational Partners Brochure (designed for legal-size paper)
  • BeADisciple Instuctor and Facilitator Policy
  • Congregational Partner Sign-Up Form

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