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Your conference doesn’t need to invest in an expensive online learning program and website to create sophisticated online trainings and classes — you just need! Our Conference Partners use BeADisciple’s online learning platform and enrollment system to offer custom courses and trainings built to meet their needs. Conference Partners can also take advantage of pre-built courses and studies at any time.  And the best part? After the one-time training fee for course facilitators and/or instructors in your conference, there is no cost to be a Conference Partner.


The Possibilities Are Endless…

Online learning has become an accepted and respected part of higher education, and with today’s technology there are very few limits to the kinds of courses that can be offered online.  What if…

  • The conference office could cut its own travel budget in half, reduce staff costs, lower travel costs for local churches, and serve more people?
  • What if every February, your conference could host trainings for newly-elected pastor/parish chairpersons, lay leaders, or UMM/UMW presidents without creating a logistical nightmare?
  • All the current and recent pastors of new church starts in your conference were a part of an online training and support community?
  • The Bishop and Cabinet could invite all pastors moving to large-staff appointments for the first time to a training session – and the clergy actually attended without grumbling?

Our online learning platform supports embedded videos, PDFs and Word documents, discussion boards, and live video sessions (participants can even “raise their hand” to ask a question and get immediate feedback from the instructor!).  It even supports user uploads of photos, documents, and other files so class participants can share their ideas and past work with others in the class.


Next Steps

  1. Email Lisa Buffum to express your conference’s interest in becoming an BeADisciple Conference Partner.
  2. Identify an “administrative contact” for your conference.   This person will oversee enrollments, course scheduling, payments, and in-house promotion.
  3. Fill out and send us the Conference Partner Sign-Up Form below.
  4. Decide whether you want to offer pre-built studies or build your own course.
    • If you want to use existing courses: Identify at least one person to be trained as a BeADisciple small group facilitator or DISCIPLE Online facilitator. This does not have to be the same person as your administrative contact. Trained facilitators may lead BeADisciple’s facilitator courses or DISCIPLE Online for your conference. Both of these facilitator trainings are self-paced and available year-round.
    • If you want to build your own courses: Identify a person to be trained online as a BeADisciple certified instructor. This person would learn to build online classes and studies with content specific to your conference and does not have to be the same person as your administrative contact. Instructor trainings are offered every few months throughout the year.  If your conference has content but does not wish to build a course, please email Lisa Buffum. We can build your course for you.

That’s it! Once someone in your conference is trained and your conference is signed up to host a course, you may begin to promote your new courses on!


Further Resources:

  • For a complete list of courses available for facilitation, see our Facilitator Courses page.
  • Printable Conference Partners Brochure (requires legal size paper)
  • BeADisciple Instuctor and Facilitator Policy
  • Conference Partner Sign-Up Form

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