Trey Everett

Trey has been involved in study and practice of spiritual formation for over 20 years. He has instructed others in spiritual formation and leadership as a college instructor, pastor, youth minister, and retreat leader. Trey and his wife Corene were part of an eccumenical mission community in China for four years where they taught, served, and experienced the life of faith. Currently Trey serves as co-director of MICAH, Minnesota Institute of Contemplation and Healing, were he assists in developing and leading retreats and events on the spiritual life, leadership, and health and healing. As an artist Trey uses a blend of pen and ink drawing, humor, and candid spiritual observations to creatively challenge others to deeper spiritual development and insight. He is the author of Holy Doodles, Cartoons to Contemplate and holds art exhibits to encourage dialogue about the spiritual life. Trey and Corene and their three young children Madeline, Zoe, and Jack live in Crookston MN.