WMN202 – Journey Through the Psalms–-Journey-Through-the-Psalms.jpgWMN202 – Journey Through the Psalms

Course Dates: March 25 – May 13, 2019

This workshop is based on the widely-used book Journey through the Psalms, and features video lessons by its author, Dr. Denise Dombkowski Hopkins, Professor of Hebrew Bible at Wesley Theological Seminary. Through the course of eight weekly sessions, the workshop provides a vehicle to bring the Psalms to life for prayer and worship in the local church and helps participants learn to approach God with the honesty and emotional intensity of the ancient psalmists.

Lessons Include:

  • Praying the Psalms
  • The Synagogue, the Church, and the Psalms
  • Your Hallelujahs Don’t Have to Be Hollow Anymore
  • You Get What You Deserve, Don’t You?
  • Complaining in Faith to God
  • Life in the Meanwhile
  • The Lord Reigns: Enthronement Psalms

1.5 CEUs are available.

Price: $50


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Image from an illustrated version of Psalm 23. Public Domain.

This course is available to led by a trained online facilitator at any time!  Visit our Congregational Partners page or Conference Partners page to learn how you can lead this course for your church or conference.

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