IFD200 – Screwtape Letters

IFD200 – Screwtape Letters

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Tackle the most pressing issues that your congregation and fellow believers face. The subtleties of how sins progress are explored in this workshop.  Although C.S. Lewis’ “Screwtape Letters” is a fictional book, it can definitely enhance your teaching and discipleship methods through its practical life applications. The book is a compilation of psychologically intriguing letters written by a senior demon (Screwtape) to a new and impressionable young demon (Wormwood). His intellectually stimulating suggestions to Wormwood consist of strategies on how to entice a Christian into falling out of God’s loving grace through a gradual slope. Though the letters are made up, it is crucial for Christians to learn biblically solid lessons from them and analyze several related Scriptures on how to win in our day-to-day spiritual wars. See a video presentation of this class.

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Dorothy Kropf

Dorothy Kropf is a doctoral student of Educational Technology. Her passion is to keep curriculum more impressionable and less bland. As a doctoral student, she would like to see individuals in poverty-stricken communities receive affordable college education through portable technological systems. She is a curriculum writer and a  “Life-Skills” online class instructor for NetMarket Professional Development. Her class prepares individuals who are recovering from certain addictions immerse back into the workforce.