IFD430 – On Becoming Generative: An Introduction to Culture Care

IFD430 – On Becoming Generative: An Introduction to Culture Care

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Makoto Fujimura’s On Becoming Generative: An Introduction to Culture Care addresses the place of beauty in today’s culture and introduces a framework for culture care called “generative thinking,” which promotes creativity, generosity, and vision for the future and aims to promote cultural and human thriving.

This course is for anyone with a calling to create—from visual artists, musicians, writers, and actors to entrepreneurs, pastors, and business professionals.  It is also for those with a desire or an artistic gift to reach across boundaries with understanding, reconciliation, and healing. It is for anyone with a passion for the arts, for supporters of the arts, and for ‘creative catalysts’ who understand how much the culture we all share affects human thriving today and shapes the generations to come.

This five-day course will introduce Fujimura’s generative framework in a series of daily practices and readings coupled with video that explore the author’s work and questions about art, faith, & humanity. Participants will gain an understanding of generative thought and the ways that it can inform and renew their own work – whatever it may be – and their own conceptions of human culture.

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Ryan Peak

Ryan Peak is a recent graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School in Nashville, TN, where he received a Master of Theological Studies degree with a concentration in Religion in the Arts and Contemporary Culture. A multi-instrumentalist and freelance arranger and producer, he directs the children’s choir and a worship ensemble at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, KS.