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DBS105 – DISCIPLE Bible Study Facilitator Self-Paced Training

DBS120 – DISCIPLE Online

Celebrate! | 30 Years of DISCIPLE

The 30th Anniversary of the DISCIPLE Bible Study Movement Transforming | Global | Interactive 1986-2016   History of Disciple “As a pastor in the early 1980s, I became aware how isolated and lonely people were becoming and how ignorant they were of the Bible. We started new adult Sunday School classes, but that only reached a few- and it was hard to find teachers. Then I remembered how John Wesley…Keep Reading

DBS132 – DISCIPLE Online (Sundays 6pm Eastern)

DBS131 – DISCIPLE Online (Tuesdays 7 pm Central)

DBS100 – How to Become a DISCIPLE Online Facilitator – Self-Paced Training