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What is BeADisciple, and why online courses?

BeADisciple uses online learning to create a bridge, allowing those with valuable ministry resources to share those resources with clergy and laity in the local church.

We love the flexibility that online learning allows — anyone with a reasonable internet connection can participate in your course.  BeADisciple participants all start on the same day, move through materials together, and end on the same day.  Students and instructors log in and participate at the time of day that works best for their own schedule while still maintaining connection and daily interaction.

Blackboard, our online course software, makes creating and hosting online courses easy, and there are very few limits to the kinds of courses that can be offered. Blackboard supports embedded videos, PDFs and Word documents, discussion boards, and live video sessions (participants can even “raise their hand” to ask a question).  It also supports user uploads of photos, documents, and other files so class participants can share their ideas and past work with fellow students.

We think — and many of our students have confirmed — that online education can be just as fruitful as in-person classes.  What are you waiting for?  We would love to help you share your resources and ministry with a wider audience.


How do I start?

There are several ways to host a class based on your ministry-related resources at

  1. To build a course yourself, you must complete our $100 online instructor training. Becoming a trained instructor will allow you to both build and lead your course.  This is a one-time course — you will never need to take this training again, no matter how many times you offer your course or how many other courses you might create and lead in the future.  The two-week instructor training is offered every few months and is taught by our Director of Online Education, Lisa Buffum.
  2. If you don’t want to build the course yourself, BeADisciple staff can use your pre-written material to create an online course for you for $250.  You will still need to take the $25 facilitator training in order to lead the course. The facilitator training is self-paced and may be completed at any time.

You may have someone else in mind to create and/or lead your course for you.  That’s fine!  That person will need to complete one of the two options outlined above: take the instructor training to build and lead a course or complete the facilitator training to simply lead a course.


How much does this cost?  How much do I get paid?

Apart from the instructor or facilitator trainings mentioned above, there is no fee for you to host courses on  Our technical and staff expenses are covered by a portion of each student’s individual course fee.

As the instructor, you set the course fee for each student. BeADisciple requires $15 per participant as a base fee for its technical and user support services, and then the instructor adds the amount they feel properly compensates them for their time.  For example, if you would like to be paid $40 for every student in your course, then each student in your course will pay $55 total ($15+$40) to enroll in your course.  At this rate, you’ve more than made up the cost of the instructor training after just 3 students participate in your first course.

If you’re a conference, church, or other organization that would rather not charge your students a course fee, you might be better suited for our Congregational Partner or Conference Partner programs.  Contact Lisa at to ask about how we can work with you to meet your needs.


What do I do first?

First, enroll in our next instructor training or contact us about building your course for you.  You may also find more information on our Instructor Resources page and in the documents below: